Villas for Sale in Ho Chi Minh City

Colonial Style Villas for Sale in Ho Chi Minh City

Colonized by the French in 1859, the territory currently known as Ho Chi Minh City was formerly called Saigon. It is the center of financial, trade, social and administrative activities in Vietnam. This city has a history that goes back hundreds of years ago. This history has produced a culture that is rich and varied. As a result of this, tourism is an essential sector in the city. In spite of this massive tourist presence, Ho Chi Minh City is a great place to reside, work, play and relax. There are fine housing options, especially villas built in the colonial era. These villas were built in the French style, and apart from making great homes, they are good investment options, too. Below are the best neighborhoods with Ho Chi Minh villas for sale. (more…)