Villas for Sale in Ho Chi Minh City

Colonial Style Villas for Sale in Ho Chi Minh City

Colonized by the French in 1859, the territory currently known as Ho Chi Minh City was formerly called Saigon. It is the center of financial, trade, social and administrative activities in Vietnam. This city has a history that goes back hundreds of years ago. This history has produced a culture that is rich and varied. As a result of this, tourism is an essential sector in the city. In spite of this massive tourist presence, Ho Chi Minh City is a great place to reside, work, play and relax. There are fine housing options, especially villas built in the colonial era. These villas were built in the French style, and apart from making great homes, they are good investment options, too. Below are the best neighborhoods with Ho Chi Minh villas for sale.

Ho Chi Minh City District 7

A lot of expatriates living in Ho Chi Minh City choose to District 7 as their home. The area is full of broad, tree-lined streets that surround high-quality homes like Colonial style villas for long-term residents and apartment buildings for short timers. In District 7, there is almost no development of an industrial nature. This increases its standing as a residential area. The colonial style villas are throwbacks from the era of French colonization and beautiful recreations done in that style.

Ho Chi Minh city villas

The most popular area of this district is Phu My Hung, and the houses cater to the needs of expatriates including, swimming pools, grocery stores, restaurants, international schools, etc. District 7 is quite distant from the city center, with a commute that takes around 40 minutes. This district does not offer a truly Vietnamese experience, but it provides a peaceful escape for families away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

Ho Chi Minh City District 3

This is another district that takes adequate care of most residential needs. This area has proximity to the activities that go on in District 1. It allows expats to live near the action and still be able to escape to a home that is quiet and peaceful. District 3 has several housing options that range from; Colonial style villas to apartment buildings. The parks, greenery and old colonial villas also add to the quaint look of this neighborhood. These beautiful colonial style villas provide an excellent option for families with their spacious compounds that sometimes come with a pool.

Ho Chi Minh city villas

Ho Chi Minh City District 2

District 2 is another area favored by expats, especially long-term expats who want to live with the standards they are accustomed to in their home countries. This district is close to the City Centre, but still far enough to stay undisturbed by the activities of District 1.

District 2 has two noteworthy wards; Thao Dien Ward and An Phu Ward. Specifically, they are the choice for most expatriates because they provide an excellent standard of living with their un-chaotic streets, grocery stores, retail shops, commercial offices, and international schools.

Ho Chi Minh city villas

Another attractive feature of this district is the number of colonial style villas present. They give the district an elegance that comes from age, most are walled in, and some of them come with pools.