Real Estate Investment in Kuala Lumpur – Where should you start?

Do you wish to invest in some avenue that can guarantee very good profits? Then real estate is the perfect solution. Malaysia’s economy is growing at a rapid rate. It is ranked as one of the best places in south Asia for property investments based on its tax structure and better control on price fluctuations. Both locals and foreigners are looking at properties in Malaysia as an investment- understanding the fact that this will be for medium to long term.

The best areas for investments in property in Malaysia are Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Selangor, and Johor Baharu. Kuala Lumpur real estate market is the ultimate city that can compete with any world-class city in the world for the kind of amenities that it provides.  It is a vibrant city exploding on the world map with great connectivity and amazing amenities for a global citizen. Location is of prime importance and some properties in KL have shown amazing appreciation in value even more than 200%.

Kuala Lumpur real estate


You will be amazed at the kind of appreciation that investments in the city have shown in the last few decades. So where can you start?

  1. A good place to start with would be to search online for some guidelines for property investments in KL. A reputed agent can guide you in all legal matters. Be safe and choose an Investment Property For Sale in Kuala Lumpur, after thorough scrutiny.
  2. Foreigners are also allowed to own land and property in Malaysia, subject to some conditions and that is a positive point for all the investors looking at KL.
  3. KL also has a distinct position due to very high capital appreciation in the value of properties and a robust economy. So people do not hesitate to invest in the property though the returns are better only if the amount remains invested for a longer term.
  4. Another aspect of investments in properties is that the project should be good and have excellent amenities so that the resale prices remains high. Search for properties that have integrated development and are conveniently located to ensure easy commutes. You cannot expect mediocre projects to accrue higher returns.
  5. Always choose a well-known project developer. The reputation of a builder matters as this will guarantee good quality houses and amenities.
  6. Check the finishing and material used in the project. Maintenance costs in the long term may be a big expenditure so check that out as well.
  7. You can look at the following projects/areas for investment: These are places that offer the best projects and strategic locations depending on your choices- whether you want to stay closer to the city center, or near the famous Gombak river:
    • Razak City Residences
    • Kuala Lumpur River City
    • Bukit Bintang City Centre

Kuala Lumpur real estate

Real estate is a tangible investment and is considered a safe option compared to the stock market and metals etc. Investors can earn a lot more with the property by means of rent and tax gain and also appreciate in value. However, the investments have to be in the right projects and the right location in a city like KL. Stay invested and the property will be a great asset for the generations to come.